Business today is getting more competitive, and with all the options consumers have, it is harder to get their attention and have them focus on your service or good. Traditional advertising and marketing go only so far these days. To really stand out, companies need to invest in creative advertising ideas.

Marketers understand the need for new, and creative marketing initiatives, but the problem is that it can take a lot of time to come up with great ideas, and it is expensive to hire a think tank agency to develop innovative ideas.

There is one creative advertising channel that has been around for years, but is often overlooked-using taxi advertising. Taxi ads are cost effective and they deliver a company’s message 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Companies can take advantage of taxi top signs, taxi wraps, in-taxi displays, and the list goes on and on.

With taxi advertising, you can also target specific locations by setting up routine routes with the taxi advertising agency you choose to work with. They will discuss your needs with you and offer recommended routes, schedules, different taxi top signs, and other options. Depending on the taxi advertising agency, your marketing options are endless.

Besides being able to deliver your message to the streets 24 hours a day, another great fact about taxi ads are that they are affordable considering the vast benefits your company will get from them. Taxi advertising rates are often negotiable for packages in multiple markets. Also, there is hardly ever a minimum amount of taxi cabs required.

Companies are looking for an edge: an edge that will give their company more brand awareness and brand recognition. With extreme competition coming from all directions, businesses have to think of and use new ways to attract consumer attention. Taxi advertising has been around for a while and delivers effective company messaging around the clock. Yet, this channels slips past the minds of marketing managers who are planning a marketing campaign.

Do yourself a favor. If you have an advertising campaign to launch, look into using some taxi ads. They might help attract the consumer attention you want.

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