What Are Benefits To Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Now that you understand how Anti-Fatigue Mats function, what next? There are many benefits you and your staff can expect, including the following:

Improved Pose

Standing up for extended periods puts a lot on the joints. Anti-Fatigue Mats reduce stress by allowing you to make natural, frequent adjustments to your standing position. It also allows for weight distribution evenly between your feet.

Lowers circulatory problems

Blood flows more freely when you’re standing than when you’re sitting down. But when your body is still moving the heart has a harder time pumping blood around. This places additional pressure on the veins.

However, the Anti-Fatigue Mat allows muscles and veins relaxation. This helps reduce stress in the heart and decreases the chance of developing circulatory issues.

Reduces pain in the joints and muscles

If you’re standing for long periods on a hard ground floor, you’ll notice that your joints stiffen.

Tension headaches are a common result of pain in these areas.

The pain from these areas can lead to tension headaches that can affect your ability to work. But, with an Anti-Fatigue Mat, there will be less pressure on your body. This will make headaches disappear. Also, overall joint pain will decrease.

Productivity increases

If you don’t feel at ease at work and have to battle with aches, pains, and other issues every day, you will be less productive because you will be distracted by your feelings. Plus, standing can make you more energetic which can result in you becoming tired quickly.

Additional to this, fatigue can develop after just 90 minutes of standing. You won’t feel your best.

Anti-fatigue Mats are a way to combat fatigue and increase productivity at the office. They can also be beneficial for your overall health and the well-being of your employees.

Reducing the possibility of your slip

Slips, trips, falls are the most frequent workplace injury. This is not just bad news for companies that might lose employees temporarily while they heal but can also be an issue that could affect your workday.

Anti-Fatigue Mats often have a ribbed top and are made from nonslip materials. This means you can stand on them and reduce the chances of you getting slipped while at work.

How Durable Are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Many factors affect the lifespan of Anti-Fatigue mats.

Do you use the mat in a damp or dry place?

Have oils or chemicals have been sprayed onto its surface?

What are the materials used to make the mat?

How often is it used?

Therefore, it is impossible to give any advice as to how long a particular mat might last. But, if you talk to a specialist retailer, they can advise you on which mats would be most appropriate for you, based on your circumstances.

Where Anti Fatigue Mats are used?

Anti-fatigue Mats are useful in any field where standing for prolonged periods is impossible. The most popular uses for them are:

  • Workshops – for machining
  • Production lines
  • Packaging Dispatch areas
  • Welding stations
  • Distribution & fulfillment centers
  • Checkouts and Other Retail Areas
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Restaurants, bars, and pubs
  • Barbershops

Anti-Fatigue Carpets: Why?

Anti-fatigue mats are commonly used to treat foot and lower extremity disorders in workers who work for long periods. A mat does not necessarily solve the problem. The design of the work, footwear, and flooring material all play a role in the discomfort and tiredness that can result from long hours standing. Scientists have shown that standing for extended periods can lead to fatigue and stress. Even if your shoes are high quality, the soles of your feet can still cause fatigue after a whole day of work.

Anti-fatigue Logo Mats for commercial and industrial applications are a great way to promote your business name or company logo while at work or on the job

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