If you want to employ certain promotional products to get your brand more easily recognized and promoted to those people who may become your clients, promotional badges and name cards are very good ways for you to do this. You can sponsor name badges and tags with your company logo on them on the next local trade show or convention.

If there are conventions or trade shows in your area where your brand can make its mark or where the products you sell and the company you work for or own can be seen to benefit from, it would be a wise idea to give out promotional badges in these events.

Sponsoring Name Tags and Badges at Events

There are a number of promotional events or activities in your community that you can use to get your brand out there and recognized. Here are some ideas:

  • You can create logo and brand recognition by giving out promotional badges and pins at certain sporting events you can sponsor.
  • You can be a presenter of the trade shows or conventions near you and have them use your name tags as people register for such things.
  • You can get your logo or company name easily recognized by giving them at trade shows from your booth.

You don’t even have to spend that much on such a marketing ploy since these items are pretty inexpensive to make and the organizers of such events often welcome sponsors that can offer the attendees giveaways, promotional badges, and name tags for free.

Put These Promotional Badges in a Promotional Giveaway Pack

Some people often appreciate receiving more than one free item at these conventions, events, and trade shows. By doing things this way, you can actually get to have more marketing clout than just giving out a tag or a promotional badge or two.

  • Try to put together a small gift bag of promotional goodies that registrants can get if they sign up for your mailing list or newsletter list.
  • You can also give out these promotional gift packs when a person drops by your booth at a convention or trade show and drops a business card in a jar you have for just such a purpose.
  • Simply put together a small paper bag with your logo printed on it and inside you can have a few inexpensive promotional items like promotional badges, pens, notepads, and even refrigerator magnets.
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