In a modern business world, many entrepreneurs have entered the skirmish of competition. They contend with each other to gain a firm hold in the marketplace. They strive to get maximum profits for their organizations in an unpredictable business environment. Marketers seek for many innovative and productive strategies to promote the business. Creating a logo is a promotional element deployed by the marketers to advertise their products and services in the marketplace. A logo represents a corporate identity of a company to market the products and services. It is also used to promote the brand name of an organization. Therefore, the creation of a logo is the task of utmost care and thought.

There are many factors to consider while designing a logo for an organization. A designer should be able to design a trademark in such a way so that it reflects the character or vision of an organization. A designer should be able to communicate the message that a company wants to convey through a logo. In other words, a trademark can mirror the fundamental values of a company. To achieve this purpose, a designer can use good colors and alluring designs in a logo. The colors have the potential to convey the message of an organization to the prospective customers. For example, a designer can use red, pink or any other vibrant color on the logo of a toys company.

The use of such colors can visually appeal to the kids or their parents who are the potential customers. As one prints logos on the corporate material, he should select the colors carefully so that a logo is comprehensible even in black and white printing ink. For this purpose, one can select minimum colors. If a designer selects more than two or three shades then the logo might become complex and shabby in appearance. Often companies use text-based business logos. These text-based company trademarks contain the name of the company. Using a company name is beneficial as it helps a potential customer to remember the name of an organization at a glance. This design is also simple in appearance as it makes it easier for a viewer to understand the logo and distinguish the company from its competitors.

One should keep in mind these essential factors while creating a quintessential logo for a company.

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