The ability to communicate is possibly one of the most valuable characteristics that anybody can attain. Whether you’re in business or simply pursuing personal quests, communication is a powerful tool used to achieve goals of every kind.

Within the business world, leadership relies almost completely on the ability to communicate and the ability to harness that talent to benefit themselves and others. Communication is a tricky concept though, mostly because it isn’t a high speed highway. It’s a two-way street with traffic that flows both ways.

Conceiving communication

This raises the concept of how communication works. While it is possible to disclose and discuss with those around you, quality communication depends not only on the notion of sharing but also on the ability to gather feedback and helpful information.

Needless to say, success depends on the ability to communicate with each other and fellow associates in a two-way scenario. Never believe that you are alone in a conversation. Someone must speak while another listens. But, there is the final part, which is the confirmation that it is understood. Consider how you would speak over a military radio signal. Command is given and then the affirmation that the orders have been received is returned.

While it may seem that subordinates and employees are supposed to keep quiet and do what they’re told, feedback to your superiors and supervisors opens up a whole new range of possibilities. Consider yourself in the field and responsible for the work, which basically means that you are also aware of what is going on and even of ways to possibly improve productivity.

Here is where communication will give you an advantage in the business world, because by communicating new ideas and going beyond your “job’s” demands, you prove yourself eager to improve your workplace. This sets you aside within your industry and exemplifies your ability to not only take the initiative but prove that you are in search of a career.

Supervising communication

As a supervisor to your subordinates, communication is just as crucial to further developing your industry. Frequent communication with your employees or subordinates help maintain productivity and ensures proper direction.

In some situations, confusion is often merely the result of miscommunication. You don’t want to settle with a misunderstanding. The communication breakdown often leaves individuals confused or misled, which can result in productivity heading in the wrong direction. Not only is there an issue with the need to communicate, but also the ability to communicate and the proper practice of such techniques.

To clarify, this would concern a situation in which an employee is told what to do, but not how to do it properly. This is an example of incomplete communication. In another situation, they may be told what to do, but failed to understand. This is another example of incomplete communication. The combination of possibilities can vary in any situation, but the result is that the concept of proper communication relies on one specific notion- discussion between both parties involved.

This is one of the biggest oversights that employers make, especially when it relies on “doing exactly what you’re told” theories. While it is ultimately the decision of an employer to tell their subordinates what is to be done, there should always be room for the factor of an open-door office. If employees don’t feel secure in their communication lines, they won’t provide the necessary feedback that is essential to creating a productive business atmosphere.

Stimulating communication

The best business analyst understands how helpful advice is when it factors down to increasing productivity. How people work together to share ideas with each other. Bounce a few notions around and see how well they work. Communication gives people a chance to expand knowledge and learn through discussion and debate. Many people do not enjoy the notion of being challenged, but that is exactly where some of the greatest ideas have been conjured from. These notions were derived from those that thought outside the box and pushed beyond the limits of what was expected of them. They basically have increased the size of a thought bubble, bringing new ideas to the table and providing fresh soil that will fertilize growth for the future.

The task of any successful person is to communicate with the world. Whether it is sharing an idea, demonstrating a new path, or publicizing a product, communication is the key to success. Without communication, which is the very gift of every single person, we are unable to advance and grow. It is up to each of us to share and learn from one another and always keep an open mind for the future.

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