Management training for your recruitment managers often falls at the end of a long to-do list for most recruitment business owners. With many other urgent and important activities piling up, planning and delivering training is probably the last thing on your stretched mind.

The truth is though that spending time helping your recruitment managers improve their overall skills will potentially help you put many thousands on your bottom line.

So when you invest in management training for your managers what are you best options? Here are two skills that they absolutely must have if you want them and your recruitment company to have any chance of success. Here you go communications skills and the power of focus.

1.Communication Skills

Obvious of course, yet how many people do we all know that are generally poor communicators. Communication is all about the transfer of information from one person to another. In a management role we all know that it goes way beyond this and communication is about influence, and getting the job done.

As human beings we communicate at many different levels. The most common being verbal and nonverbal. Which can have the most impact? An old saying goes something like, “it is not what you say it’s the way that you say it”. This is based on research that informs us that well over 90% of our communication is nonverbal and is a mix of our body language. The good news is awareness of the fact means we can do something about it. Altering our body language and speech takes work and yet it can have a major effect on results. Next how we structure our messages and deliver them is the next stage. Good point number two. This can also be improved beyond belief. You might not turn a wall flower into a chatter box, however with appropriate training and advice a huge improvement can take place that will be reflected in your financial results.


Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you are organised and planned and things just seem to happen like clockwork? Yes I sense we feel the same. This happens when we get focused on exactly what we want to achieve and prioritise our time and activity on activities that bring results. For instance Social media is an excellent tool for recruiters and yet it can also be a huge time waster.

Shine the light of focus on the problem and social media can bring the rewards without the waste of time and energy. This is not an article on marketing however once you help your team appreciate what is and is not necessary you can also support them with access to social media tools that will automate a lot of their tasks.

The old fashioned time logs of the past work well. By writing down your actions and then looking at your results most recruiters are galvanised into action about what is bringing them billing and what is not.

So in summary make sure you help your recruitment managers with their communication skills. Follow this with some guidance on planning and prioritisation and you will have a recruitment manger whose performance will start to soar.

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