Let’s take a look at this whole advertising hurdle that plagues our businesses, and ultimately our revenue. Really tough to wrap your head around at times, right? Well, before you beat yourself up over the issue, let’s notice what we can learn from imagining advertisement from the vantage point of our favorite cartoon of yesteryear; The Jetson’s. Who out there remembers our favorite animated dad needing to please his bellowing boss Mr. Spacely? We all remember he was not an easy man to please, “that guy.” Ah, and let’s further recall Mr. Spacely’s arch nemesis Mr. Cogswell. These two factory owners represented the top manufactures of these two unique products that coupled to work together. Only these two always appeared to compete against one another; a sprocket hothead and a cog peddler. Aye, sounds familiar right? When you think of cogs and sprockets, your bicycle pedal, a gear apparatus or perhaps that super cool go cart engine comes to mind. Yes a sprocket needs a cog, and a cog needs a sprocket.

Okay, so now that we know the widgets and the players, it’s time to address the public. Jane, Judy, Elroy, Astro, Rosie and all the folks in their flying vehicles, all need, for their futuristic homes, and flying vehicles, cogs and sprockets. But are “Cogswell Cogs” and “Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc.” going to get all of the business? Or, are there other manufacturers out there vying for customers too? Why of course there are others! However, our assumption is that the two which are depicted on the “best cartoon ever,” [well okay, to be fair, that particular quote is open to debate with the inclusion of the other Hanna-Barbera masterpieces] were the tops in their field.

Now this is where George comes in. To pick the right way to advertise his company’s sprockets, he must have a winning plan. In this case, he gets out his space-pad and starts to note the key features of his company’s sprockets, like the 401 stainless steel, for example, which is the tough steel that even surgeons trust with their instruments. And the superior functionality of the tines, as they grip their adjoining chain without flaw. He includes the prior advertisement motto which reads… “Our company still uses the very first Spacely Space Sprocket off the line to spin the infamous Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc sign on our building.” then ads the accomplishment, “since 2025.” He then goes on to boast of the tempered mold, one that assures continuity of the product throughout the entity. Citing the micrometers, infrared, and precision instruments that are used, he types in his space pad, before and after they come off the assembly line is logged. Also, he notes, the heating and cooling finishing process that which demands the steel product cooled to sub zero temperatures, then super heated to lock in the perfection. Ah, and the buffing and polishing that gives Spacely Sprockets their award winning, beautiful luster and sheen. Furthermore, to be noticed is the 172-point inspection, which his robotic factory machine’s conduct, weeds out any and all imperfections. Gosh, and if that weren’t enough, there is the final task of providing a DVD of the process taking place on the very individual product in the box. These are the steps George himself implemented for the company, with very little overhead, as he promotes Spacely Sprocket’s to investing corporations, TV commercials, magazines, newspaper ads, and even billboards throughout Orbit City. George is now a key spoke in the wheel for the company, and it is imperative that he keeps Mr. Spacely in the green. Otherwise, we’ll sure as heck hear that big ball of hot air; spew “Jetson, YYYoouuurrr FFFiiirrreeed,” as Mr. Spacely aims his over-sized index finger towards the door. (Holy Cow, that was always tough to watch, you know when he got the axe, right?) So as an advertiser having to pick the right way to advertise “Spacely Sprockets,” George, all day long, talks to newspapers, magazines, billboard salesmen about the rigorous manufacturing process that takes place and the truth he finds markets them best. Find the truth in your product and how it is made to sell it.

Since The Jetsons is a futuristic program, the assumption is that the internet bigwigs, ie. Amazon, Google, Ezines, Facebook and app developers for mobile gadgets, etc. are included for effective marketing as well. When Rosie’s space alarm sounds and his bed self fold’s upright to hoist his body from the Skypad Apartments slumber, his conveyor belt leads him to the hygiene area which then leads to where his Spacely’s uniform is slapped on, and finally the pneumatic tube elevator gets the driver’s seat for him. He does this every work day and let’s all of Orbit City know that “Spacely Sprockets can’t be beat!” He pushes the buttons to have the futuristic robots get a good percentage of those tasks accomplished. While doing so however, he has to please his boss, so it’s vital that he doesn’t exceed the company budget. This way the profits rise for the company and inevitably a raise is in his future. I mean when Jane takes his wallet and leaves him with only one space buck next time, he may come back to the Skypad Apartments to be surprised that his ingenuity with the advertising campaign, accounts for enough space dough in that wallet for Jane to even get him what he wanted most, as if “HE” went shopping all day. Jane knows how to please her man. Daughter, Judy is found at Orbit High reading her essay of her heroic dad, and Elroy at the Little Dipper School does a show and tell presentation featuring Spacely Space Sprockets’ newest ad campaign.

This analogy was meant to bring to light the fact that advertising is merely mind over matter. It requires creativity, drive and a smart plan. Always look at the task from the vantage point of your customer. Ask the important questions, like, “Why do I need Spacely Sprockets?” and “What makes Spacely Space Sprockets a better value than company B’s product?” “Can I draw my vision on a space-pad myself also to save on the cost of robot batteries?” You see all this advertising stuff is primarily about, is using your noodle. Sure you can dish it out to the professionals to yield perfection, but how about instead demanding that same perfection of yourself first, to get the best results with the rock bottom prices. Then perhaps when it is all said and done, squeak out a few company dollars to put the frame around your advertising in the magazine or the 1/2 or full page spread in the Orbit City Gazette, or skywrite “SPACELY SPACE SPROCKETS RULE!!!,”in the very same vehicle Jane just clipped your wallet in. That’s what advertising is all about, and all of Orbit City will brand you, George Jetson, as the source of why they purchased Spacely Space Sprockets today!

Furthermore, as Sprockets sales are up and the demand for Cogs has gone up too, Mr. Cogswell is usually asking for you on the space age monitor to throw a little advertising his way. We think that, because George is now top advertiser for Spacely Space Sprockets Inc., and since he is now swimming in “Space Bucks,” we here at “Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing, Inc.,” think we can interest him in our top of the line super expensive dog walking remote controlled leash! Just thinking out loud here, lol!

This article is to address the complexities of a good advertisement campaign. When Mr. Jetson got the benefits of his company’s product down truthfully on his space-pad, and the new and improved final product included a manufacturing DVD, the plan and the outcome were successful. Hanna-Barbera, Amazon, Google, Ezines, Facebook and all references herein are neither responsible nor accountable for the claims in this article. Their usage were intended for the sheer enjoyment of the article and to recognize that when you are looking to advertise a product for your business, as George did, good planning is always the key! Thanks for reading.

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