When you want to add workshops and seminars to your marketing mix, you cannot start planning too soon. In fact, with seminar marketing, the earlier you begin, the more successful they will be. Here are 5 steps that will help you plan a successful workshop.

Pick a date

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Yet sometimes this is the hardest step. Go ahead, take out your calendar and see what is going on. I’ll wait. You have your calendar in front of you? Now pick a date and write in your event. With this simple step you have created a deadline for yourself. All of a sudden it is real. Most people that have every intention of hosting their own event never do. Just because they don’t make a decision and complete this first, simple step.

Create a checklist and a timeline

Now that you have your date, you can create your timeline. Working backwards from your event date, plug in the major milestones. When do you have to launch your registration page? When do you have your venue locked in by? What marketing actions do you have to have in place before you launch? When do your hand outs have to go to the printer? Place all the items on your checklist on your calendar.

Envision Your Event

Think of your audience. Who are they and what are they struggling with? Your event is all about your audience. Your workshop topic is geared toward solving your audience’s problems. Your venue is chosen with your audience’s comfort in mind. Close your eyes and think of what your event looks like, the audience’s excitement and the feel of your event. Once you have that vision, you can start working to make it a reality.

Book Your Venue

Once you know who your event is for and what it should look like, you can start looking for a venue that can make it a reality. Generally the first type of location that comes to mind is a hotel. While hotels are certainly high on the list of venues, don’t limit yourself to just that group. There are many more locations that may fit your group better, are more affordable and more flexible. Do your research (or have someone do it for you) before you commit yourself.

Start Marketing

Even if you don’t have anything planned yet, the time to start marketing is now. Start writing down all the ways that your workshop will transform the lives of your audience. Create your marketing plan and plant your seeds and send save the date messages to your audience. Generate excitement for what is coming and the solutions your event will provide.

Hosting a workshop is hard work, but the rewards can be staggering. With the right road map and marketing plan you can make more money in one weekend than most people make in a year.

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