Are you a business owner or an employee of a company looking to source picture frames? If so, have you considered looking for a contract framer?

Contract framers are usually large scale picture framers who manufacture frames in a factory like environment. Most picture framers are fairly small organisations comprising one or two members of staff and are unable to meet large scale production demands.

This is where contract framers come in, a contract framer is a picture framer who can handle larger production schedules and can manufacture picture frames and photo frames to any shape or size.

Because of their larger buying power and the increased production facilities the price is often a lot less than your ‘high street framer’. Most frame manufacturers can make frames in a variety of different woods and/or metals. They should have experience of each stage of the production process and can often help out in the initial design and planning stages.

A lot of contract picture framers offer a ‘fitting service’ too – where your own artwork (be it photo’s, prints or original art) is fitted into the frames as they are made. The benefits of having your images fitted by professional framers are huge, each frame is perfect, there are no bits under the glass and no scuffs or scrapes anywhere on the frame. Often framers will seal the back of the frame with a protective tape.

Plastic frames and MDF frames are often cheaper than their wooden or metal counterparts. They are fine if the frames are for short or temporary use but if you want a long lasting frame that will look good on your customers walls for years to come then you can’t beat wooden frames.

The term ‘contract’ in ‘contract picture framing’ is often misleading. There are not always real contracts to sign just simply orders that are placed, and frames that are manufactured. Simple as that!

Have a look on the internet to find a contract framer for your region and go visit them to discuss your requirements. Write down a list of questions before you go, including such things as:

Do I want a mount? Single or Double? What size of mount? Colour?

What size of frame? What colour frame? How wide a frame?

Is the frame going to be standing upright or hanging on a wall?

Any good contract picture framing company will be able to help you with all these question

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