This ole phrase as been around quite a while – “You are one in a million!”

It is usually a complimentary phrase we use to express how unusual someone is.

But in today’s world, being KNOWN as “one in a million” is a profound statement that few have achieved.

Very few people are recognized in our over-crowded, bland, same-o/same-o sea of faces as “one in a million.”

Oh sure, there’s Oprah. We know who is the current President of the United States. We know the news anchor of our favorite evening newscast.

But to rise to the top of the heap in your own business or profession is a gigantic leap requiring unprecedented ability!

Very few ever become branded so they are known by “a million” people in their town or in the nation. Very few even comprehend the

magnitude of being branded among so many people for what they do in their business or profession. Very few ever give it a thought, because it seems so impossible.

And even fewer think of the phenomenal financial rewards attached to this accomplishment!

But with the advent of the Internet – with it’s low operational cost and creative back-bone…

the Internet can be harnessed for the first time with the most powerful branding venue the world has ever known – – – television – – –

and now, almost-instantly, name recognition can be achieved for any person in virtually any business, profession or entrepreneurial activity…

at such a measly, cheesy, negligible, piddling cost that the most stingy person including Scrooge can afford it!

IF they have the know-how!

Produce your first-class Show (about whatever you do as a business or profession) in a $30 million studio with a camera crew and director who has won Emmy recognition…

and proliferate it across the Internet at video sites, your own web sites, Web 2.0 social sites, and in email broadcasts, auto-responders, and affiliate marketing…

and then inter-connect the World Wide Web with television branding in prime-time network, cable and FCC mandated “lease access” stations at rates so low…

that each exposure is less than the cost of a newspaper classified ad!

You can now blanket a major city with your own professionally-produced Show!

And this is possible (and accomplished by others right now) in Los Angeles (the 2nd largest city in the US) with a professionally-produced, 30 minute Show – every day, for an entire month…

for only $1500 a month!

Or, tell your story in your own home town, using prime-time TV each time, for 100 bucks!

That’s less than the cost of a newspaper classified ad.

If you only have the know-how!

It’s all now possible today in our contemporary age as an unbelievable feat with the combination of TV branding and the Internet!

News Reporter