A few weeks ago my youngest niece got into a VERY big water fight. The problem is that her Super-Soaker Gun had a major leak in it. No matter how quick she was with adding water and hunting down her opponent – she immediately ran out of water! And she was getting completely DRENCHED.

One of the things I love about her is that she always knows when to move to PLAN B. The sprinkler with a 20 foot hose, turned on full throttle became her new BEST FRIEND. (She was already wet so she didn’t care!)

Are Your Sales Getting Soaked Because You’re Running On Empty? One of the most STUPID SALES MYTHS I’ve ever heard is: “Every NO leads to a Yes.”Oh no it doesn’t cupcake.It leads to more NOs. Doing the same thing over and over doesn’t mean that it is going to get any better. Especially if you’re doing the SAME WRONG THING over and over. Egad.

So Where Are You Getting Drenched? Are You…

o    Still trying to do everything yourself?

o    Not following up with customers quickly?

o    Struggling with selling but not getting help?

o    Sticking with what you did 2,3,5 years ago?

o    Not connecting with clients regularly?

o    Avoiding crunching the real numbers of your sales?

o    Procrastinating on marketing yourself?

o    In denial that you need to do some new things?

If you’re doing any or all of the above – then you’re walking with a leaky water pistol and you’ll receive a TON of NOs.

To Heck With The Stupid Sales Myth! I think it’s time for Plan B don’t you? I want you to go through the list I mentioned above. And I want you to choose 3 things you’ve been running on empty with. I don’t care what it is. Choose 3 things. And then do ONE ACTION STEP for each of them TODAY. (Not tomorrow, not next week – I mean right this minute lady) You have nothing to lose. You’re already soaked – you may as well make it worthwhile!And my 10-year old niece will be proud of you for finally deciding to move to Plan B.

So there.

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