What’s Your Money Mindset?

Fear is a natural and reasonable response to many things in life, like danger! Our brains are hard wired for the flight or fight response but often times we live in the “What If” fear and worry mode. This is anticipatory fear. While the flight or fight fear response can save our lives, the anticipatory fear just sabotages our dreams and lives. Most fears are nothing more than a state of mind – which we can change by just changing our thoughts. Now most of us come to this worry and fear state of mind honestly – depending upon family history. We have layers of conditioning from family, early experiences and just observing the world around us as we were growing up. Do you know what baggage you are carting around unconsciously? Often times our money sabotaging habits came from experiences other than actual money ones. It can come from an experience around loss, or perceived betrayal as a child or not receiving something specifically asked for on a birthday. As children we internalize these experiences and carry them over in to self sabotaging habits that trip us up as adults.

One key element in mastering our money mindset is to have an awareness of our fear and/or worry patterns and be able to interrupt them. There are many exercises for this, but don’t get too caught up in the whys and what happened as when these thoughts are dwelled upon it will create more of the same. So take a journey into your past, gain awareness and move on into creating the new mindset that will allow the future you intend.

As humans we have an amazing tool at our disposal – we have total and utter control over what we think. Yes, the one thing we have total control over is our thoughts and thoughts generally have emotions attached to them. In order to learn how to apply the principles of prosperity and create significant change for yourself there is truly one principle to understand. What you vibrationally think about will show up in your life. Being in a state of awareness of what we are thinking allows us the space to change that thought into an even better feeling thought, and then an even better feeling thought. The vibrationally positive state of mind and a definite purpose will create the life we want. More joy, more freedom and an authentic passion for our business will generate more profit.

Take action today to release the past patterns of fear and worry and step into your new Money Mastery Mindset!

News Reporter