Robbery is probably the least of the things that you would want to contemplate about. However, it is something that you should be effectively prepared for especially when you own a business because according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, there are about 300 robbery incidents happening every day or more than 120,000 every year.

There is a slight difference between robbery and burglary. When someone breaks into your household or business and steals your property, the act is called a burglary. But if you have been confronted inside your home, car, business or even on the street and force is used in order to take your valuables from you, then the crime is called a robbery.

Never put your life or another person’s like at risk for property. Remember that robbers only want one thing and that is your money or your property. And they aim to get it as quickly as they can. Because robbery is a very risky business, these law offenders are typically nervous or panicky. Any delay in their operation can increase the risk for violence. The best way to deal with a robbery is to prevent it from ever happening. Here are some tips on how to prevent your business from getting robbed

1. Always be aware when robbery incidents tend to rise. Although robberies may occur anytime, the opening and closing time of a business are the most vulnerable and are likely the target of many robbers because of low staffing and huge amounts of cash readily on hand. For these reasons, make sure to have at least two persons open and close your business establishment. Robberies also escalate during holiday seasons because of increased cash volume. Thus, it is important to heighten your security measures during these times of the year and always have highly trained security officers on guard.

2. Improve the visibility of your business establishment inside and out. Having good visibility enables your employees to quickly notice any suspicious activities happening outside. If there is any criminal activity happening inside the store, there is also a higher chance that passersby will be able to see it and report it immediately to the police. For this reason, keep your doors and windows clear as much as possible. To allow maximum visibility in and out of the store, post signs to the top, bottom or sides of the display windows. It is equally important to install wide-angled mirrors in various strategic places. Make sure that you have good interior and outdoor lighting at all times.

3. Establish security measures. Control entry and exit points to the building. Keep doors locked except for the main entrance and let employees use the main door. Place a lock on the back door that you can unlock from the inside. You should also install a silent “hold-up” alarms that is invisible to non-employees. You can place it on the floor, hidden under the table, wired to the cashier’s money clip, etc. It is essential to activate the alarm without being detected because a slight sound or movement can easily cause a nervous robber to become violent.

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