In order to protect your staff and your business you will need to have a number of security systems in place. Security systems are designed to increase the safety of your employees and they also help to prevent theft. This article takes a look at three of the most popular commercial security systems that can be used on your business premises, and it also explains how you can find and choose a security retailer in your area.


CCTV refers to closed-circuit television. It is a system which uses security cameras to film and record video footage of what is going on in a certain area. They can be positioned both outside and inside of a property. They can help to prevent theft both from strangers and also from untrustworthy employees. They will also help your employees to feel more safe and protected. You can have the CCTV footage linked to a control room where security staff can continuously view what is going on in and around the property. The footage is also recorded and can be looked over at a later date if it needs to be reviewed or used as evidence.

Access Systems

Access systems are designed to be used on the entrance to a property or in front of specific rooms or lifts in a business. They are systems which require a special access card or code in order to gain entry. Access systems can screen guests to ensure that they are allowed access to the property. The access systems can be linked to the CCTV system so that you are able to have a visual picture of who is wanting to gain entry to the property. There are also advanced systems which can only be accessed by using iris scanning, fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. Access systems will also give you a log of who has entered the building and at what time.

Intruder Alarm

Intruder alarms can be set-up throughout the property. They will signal an alarm when someone enters the property when the system is activated. You can set up the alarm so that it is on in different rooms or areas, according to who needs to use the property and at what time. Some intruder alarms can be linked directly to the police so that they can respond quickly to the scene.

These are just a few of the security systems that are available, You can contact a security system retailer who will be able to advise you on other products that are available and what may be the best type of system for your needs.

Where to Find Security System Retailers

If you are looking to purchase any of the above systems then you can search for retailers websites online. All major security system retailers will have a website which will list more details on the different products and services that they are able to offer. Always choose a trusted and reputable company to ensure that you will be receiving a high quality security system.

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