Everyone loves eating pizzas and I bet there are several well known pizza companies in your home town, there certainly are in Basingstoke. The likes of Papa Johns on Buckland Avenue and Domino’s pizza on Brighton Hill near Asda in Basingstoke to name just a few.

Did you know -1 in 3 Domino’s pizza franchisees are millionaires!

It could be a great business to develop from you own home kitchen with very little expense.

Of course you are not going to take on Dominos, they have a well oiled machine in place, have you been to one on a Saturday night? The pizza outlet on Winton square in Basingstoke, must have at least 30 staff working away, pumping out pizzas by the hundreds every hour.

There is a market for pizzas; there is little doubt of this. How many times do you get a flyer through your door enticing you to ring up and order pizza?

So how can you make money selling pizzas?

Firstly the Don’ts

o Don’t have an expensive complicated menu.

o Don’t set up premises.

o Don’t pay for expensive equipment.

o Don’t have customers collect their order.

o Don’t open all hours.

o Don’t aim to take on world overnight.

Now the Do’s

o Learn all you can about making pizzas, become an expert. Study and practise all you can.

o Keep the menu simple – Design it yourself using Microsoft publisher or similar, then have them printed.

o Use you own kitchen to prepare and cook your pizzas – keep costs down by going with what you already have.

o You do need a good well optimised website- no short cuts on this one. This will be the basis of your business.

o To begin with, stay small; keep to your local area, as you or your partner will be delivering the pizzas to your customers.

o Produce good quality cheap pizzas- Stay cheap and people will buy.

o Limit your opening times – Operate your new business at weekend evenings only, to begin with.

o Check your local council’s health and hygiene requirements for food preparation.

o Inform the Inland Revenue within 3 months of trading.

The next step

When you have perfected the above, and you are earning good money from your pizza business, you then franchise the business out to someone looking to make money in a nearby estate in your town.

Teach them, from your own experience how to produce their own pizzas. But you give them the orders and charge a commission on each pizza order they take through you. If you are not to greedy, they will be happy to pay you commission, alleviating their need to market their business themselves.

Something to think about as you contemplate your new business venture:

Is not better to aim at something big and fail, than aim at nothing and succeed?

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