A business that wants to offer highly profitable commercial laundry services requires a powerful Continental Girbau laundry machine like an ironer. As commercial-grade equipment, it can quickly press and iron large quantities of clothes. With it in your business, you can quickly and efficiently straighten up wrinkled and creased clothes on a large scale. It saves you time and helps you make more money because you’ll be able to serve more customers. And since a commercial ironer produces consistent results, having it in your business can help increase customer satisfaction. These are just a tiny fraction of the benefits of the equipment in your laundry business. Here are the biggest perks of commercial-grade ironers (and how they help laundromats generate more profit).

Makes your business more efficient.

You save time and money by replacing time-consuming hand ironing with commercial machines. Ironing machines can quickly and efficiently iron large batches of clothing and linens in a go. This speeds up the laundry process, allows you to serve more customers, and provides an opportunity to generate more revenue. In addition to making your business more efficient, one thing makes ironing machines an excellent investment in any laundromat:

Ironing machines are cost-effective in the long term

One of the enormous benefits of industrial laundry machines is that they reduce manual labor costs. But due to the fear of high initial costs, some laundromat owners hesitate to invest in commercial ironers. If you peel a layer deeper, you’ll notice that the machines reduce labor costs—you won’t need employees for hand ironing. One person can operate a commercial iron eliminating the need to spend on the salaries of several staff members. Investing in the equipment is worth it. By reducing the labor and time required to iron linens, ironing machines save on costs in your business.

Improves the ironing quality of your business

If you want to consistently offer customers perfectly ironed clothes, a commercial-grade ironer is a machine you should go for. The laundry equipment is designed to apply even temperature and pressure settings for consistent results every time you iron customers’ laundry. It removes wrinkles and shrinkage that may be missed when hand-ironing to promote professionalism and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction. Ironers are also an excellent investment because…

They are easy to use to generate the best results (in any laundry business)

If you think a commercial ironing machine has a steep learning curve, wait till you hear this. The equipment is powerful yet user-friendly. It’s purposefully made for busy laundromat owners who want to spend the least time learning how to use laundry equipment and more time serving customers to generate more profits. In short, ironers are easy to operate and require little to no training to use.

Every laundry business can benefit from ironing machines. Not only do they produce high-quality ironing, but they also reduce labor costs by replacing manual hand ironing. Whether you deal with bed sheets, bed covers, or small-sized linen, you can find the ideal commercial ironer for your laundry business. The machines are available in different sizes and can be used to press a variety of fabrics.


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