Tip # 1 – Learn how to operate your security camera system.

Have you ever bought a surveillance system and found that it was difficult to use?

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

The sad truth is most security companies aren’t concerned with how difficult their system is to use, they just want to make a sale.

Therefore you must request a hands on demonstration first, before you make your purchase.

If you find that a system is difficult to use then look for another system that has a shorter learning curve.

Learning how to operate your security camera system will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, employee theft!

Why, because, employees generally don’t steal when they know someone is watching.

No one wants to get caught, especially on video.

If your employees realize that you don’t use or know how to operate your camera system, then some of them may take advantage of you.

Purchasing a security camera system with an easy to use interface will save you a lot of grief and increase your profits almost immediately.

Tip # 2 – Consider Purchasing a Surveillance System With Remote Viewing Capabilities

Remote viewing gives you the ability to view your business from any internet connection using a smart-phone, tablet, laptop, PC or any other internet enabled device.

A lot of people associate remote viewing with a wireless security system.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A system can be hardwired or wireless and still have remote viewing capabilities.

It is actually the software that gives a security system this functionality.

So, how can you use remote viewing to prevent employee theft?

Keep in mind that no one likes to get caught stealing.

Here is the plan:

  • Access your security camera system when you are away periodically to catch one of your employees in the act of doing something right.
  • When you come in compliment them, in front of your other employees, on what you saw.

By pointing out what they are doing right while you were away, you reinforce their good behavior while instantly letting everyone know you could be watching at anytime.

They will never know when you are watching therefore they will be on their best behavior at all times.

Tip # 3 – How much Video Data Storage is Enough?

Most security camera systems are set up to store your surveillance video data at your location.

The storage capabilities range from about 2 weeks to as much as 120 days, then the system rewrites itself.

When a system rewrites itself it is recording over the oldest video data first.

If your system can only store 2 weeks of data, then you will not be able to view video data from 15 days ago.

Understanding this is very important.

Most of the times, you won’t instantly know when an employee steals from your business.

You may find out about it weeks, months or as much as a year later.

For this reason you should consider investing in unlimited video data storage through an online cloud based system.

These cloud based storage systems can range from 6 months to a lifetime, depending on the company who is providing the service.

Any property manager or business owner who had to pay a bogus lawsuit will immediately appreciate the benefits of a longterm video data storage system.

What is the point of having a surveillance system if it can’t protect you when you need it the most?

These security tips have increased our clients profits year after year. We hope they will benefit you and your business as well.

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