So you’ve made the commitment to take your business to the next level, good! Now what do you do? It can be a bit overwhelming to work out where to start, I know, I’ve experienced it myself and I want to make it really easy for you. The first steps are the most important ones by far because they determine the architecture for what you are building, and we want that to be rock solid.

I guarantee you if you just do these three things and nothing else you will see amazing changes, doing this draws clients to you because your clarity becomes irresistibly attractive.

Step 1: Align your business with your Unique Brilliance

Stop wanting to fit into a model that you think you need to follow to be successful and say ‘yes’ to your Unique Brilliance, that’s the thing you are most passionate about and that you find really easy to do. Let go of everything else and totally focus on your Brilliance and you will be amazed at the amount of energy, excitement and creativity that you are suddenly able to tap into. This is the best foundation for a strongly growing business.

Step 2. Communicate a clear Value Proposition

Ask yourself, what do I stand for, what is the value that my business delivers and to whom? Get really clear so you can say it in no more than 2 sentences of plain English that a smart fifth-grader would understand. This exercise will help you to really hone in on who you serve, what you do and how you do it. There is nothing more client attractive than clarity. Simply doing this and starting to communicate it at every opportunity will open up new doors for you, guaranteed!

Step 3. Develop a Business Model that allows you to leverage your time

Charging out your time by the hour will not take you to a solid six figure income. I know it’s probably what everyone else around you does, and, believe me, they are not making anywhere near the income you are aspiring to (unless they work very long hours, which is not the idea). Change your thinking to charging for the value you create. It doesn’t matter how much of your personal time and effort it takes to create the value, it’s all about how much your client appreciates the value. Often that actually means getting something in less time. So ask yourself,

What is the real value you create, and what is that worth to your client? How can you package what you do so you sell the Value, the solution you create, rather than your time. Chances are you are currently undercharging and can raise your prices (or cut back on your personal time) just doing that.

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