It’s no secret that optimizing efforts at a live marketing event means successfully manning your trade show stand throughout the expo. Every veteran exhibitor knows that leaving a trade show stand unattended can mean the marketing kiss of death; prospective customers attending the event will quickly move on to the competition’s exhibits in hopes of getting a little more personalized, one-on-one sales attention.

Don’t Miss Out On The Benefits Of Leaving Your Trade Show Stand

While having your trade show stand staffed during an expo is imperative for optimal return on investment, it’s important to diversify your engagement strategy beyond the booth alone. All too often, entrepreneurs, fearful of missing out on wandering visitors, never allow any of their staffers to leave the trade show stand… ever. This can prove a costly executional error. Creating a strategy for branching out during the function can lend significant benefits and advantages that should not be overlooked.

Acting As An Attendee At The Next Live Encounter

When staffing your trade show stand for the next event, consider having enough employees to man the booth as well as having one team member available to peruse the showroom floor as an attendee. Why? Because having an internal set of eyes and ears on the showroom floor can yield a wide range of information that those manning the trade show stand won’t have access to. Your event attendee will be able to get an up-close glimpse of the competitions’ exhibits, sales pitches, product lines and overall engagement strategies, which can prove invaluable for your organization as you strive to continuously get better with your event approach.

When preparing for success with your expo walker, it’s important to research the function in advance. Have a complete list of all participants as well as their location throughout the venue so you can efficiently plan your employee’s day. You’ll be able to quickly put together a list of “must see” exhibits as well as how to effectively visit each stand.

Of course, having a planned itinerary is only one piece of the equation for success when roaming the showroom floor; your employee should also be prepared with a list relevant questions that he should stay focused on throughout the day for maximum results. When strategizing for your next event, work with your staff member to create a list of focal points that may include:

• How does your trade show stand compare to the competition?

• Which business seems to be getting the most traffic/visitors?

• What are some of the various sales pitches and approaches?

• Are your competitors offering live demonstrations?

• What kinds of giveaways are getting the most attention from guests?

• How does your marketing material stack up against others at the expo?

Once your roamer has successfully worked the event, it’s important to convene a post-function meeting with the entire team to discuss all the information that was harvested. Encourage your staff members to brainstorm ways to take the data and find new ways to exhibit to keep your booth and team consistently engaging and inviting to ensure your company always gets the attention it deserves at every expo.

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